Enabling Services

Northland Health Centers (NHC) provide important non-clinical, enabling services, that help reduce barriers to care and increase access to health care and social services for patients we serve. Enabling services can include transportation assistance, interpretation assistance, health education, referrals, case management, health risks, and outreach and enrollment assistance.

All patients at NHC will be asked screening questions so that staff can best understand the needs of each one of our patients. Screening questions that patients can expect to be answered can be found here. We know that if people are worried about their basic needs, their overall health is impacted. NHC strives to be patients’ medical home, taking care of the whole person. Screening patients for social determinants of health helps us best serve each individual patient. 

Enrollment Help

Our care coordinators can help patients enroll in programs such as: marketplace health insurance, Medicaid, Low-income Home Energy Assistance Program (heating assistance), Snap/Food stamps, ND Rent Help, and Community Connect. If you are needing assistance with any enrollment help, please ask to see one of our care coordinators on staff. 

Social Services Connections

Our care coordinators have resources in each one of our communities to help patients connect to address food insecurity, housing insecurity, safety concerns, transportation, translation, employment, legal assistance, clothing assistance, and much more! 

Free Through Recovery and Community Connect

NHC is also enrolled as a provider for both the Free Through Recovery and Community Connect through the North Dakota Behavioral Health Human Services department. Through these programs, our care coordinators can assist with services such as: care coordination/referrals, intake and assessment, case management, ND Rent Help, counselling, peer support, transportation, housing assistance, utility assistance, employment assistance, education, food/clothing, and access to other services. 

Community Connect

In order to be eligible for the Community Connect program, a person needs to be 18 years of age or older, reside in North Dakota, have a mental health or substance use disorder diagnosis causing challenges in areas such as housing, employment, financial, parenting, physical health, and community connections. 

Free Through Recovery

In order to be eligible for the Free Through Recovery program, a person needs to be 18 years of age of older, involved in the criminal justice system, on parole/probation, and transitioning from prison. This person needs to be at risk for future criminal justice involvement and showing signs of a behavioral health condition such as: bipolar disorder, major depression, psychotic disorders of all types, post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, borderline personality disorder, panic disorder, or moderate and severe substance use disorder.