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Position Summary:  The position of Janitor/Maintenance requires special attention to details and plays a key role in our ability to provide sanitary, professional healthcare to our patients.  The individual employed must be prepared to reach and maintain a very high level of cleanliness and sanitization within our facility.  This individual must also possess the qualities and attitude to uphold a teamwork approach with the rest of the staff.

Supervision Exercised:  None

Position Responsibilities:  The premises of Northland Health Centers are to be kept clean and orderly.  The clinic will be thoroughly cleaned according to the following schedule:

-Clean all bathrooms including mirrors, sinks and toilets
-Vacuum carpeting and rugs
-Dust furniture
-Empty wastebasket
-Vacuum or wet mop all offices and hallways
-Vacuum furniture
-Launder rags
-Dust heater vents
-Spot clean walls and cupboards
-Clean vertical blinds and ceiling lights
-Clean storage area and heating room
-Clean basement for mold and mildew
-Fill paper towels, toilet tissue, and soaps
-Shampoo carpets
-Strip & wax tile floors
-Wash windows inside and out
-Wash walls and woodwork

Scrubbing is the most important factor in environmental cleaning. One should avoid soiling clean areas in the process of cleaning dirty ones.  Mop heads, cleaning cloths, and cleaning solutions should be changed after every cleaning. Any hospital grade disinfectant registered by EPA can be used for surface cleaning.  Janitor will not dust shelves or desktops where there are personnel items.  Do not dust or move any computer parts.

Janitor/Maintenance shall monitor all furnace filters and shall maintain a schedule for changing filters.  Janitor/Maintenance will be responsible for minor repairs and fixes that he/she is able to perform within the scope of their duties.  Janitor/Maintenance shall perform any additional cleaning needs which may arise in the future, but fall within the above stated duties.

Position Qualifications: Frequent exposure to blood and other hazardous materials, communicable disease, toxic substances, and harmful cleaning chemicals