Application FAQs

As a potential Team member of Northland Health Centers, you may have questions that pertain to the process of applying for a career with NHC. Please review the following list of frequently asked questions which may help make the application process easier.

1. Can I type my information directly in the Application?
Yes, you can fill in the application and email it to

2. Do I need a resume and a list of references?
No. However, NHC prefers that you submit a resume and list of references with your application.

3. Who do I submit my application and resume to?
You can submit your application and resume to Kelly Murray at

4. If I need help with the application process or have questions about the position I am applying for, whom do I contact?
You can contact Kelly Murray by email at or by phone at 701-448-2054.

5. How will you know the geographical area where I am willing to work?
The application will ask which position you are interested in, please specify the clinic site.

6. How soon will I be contacted about my application?
You will be contacted within 5 days of submitting the application. We will send you an email stating the receipt of the application and let you know the dates of interviewing.

7. Can I submit another application if I have not been contacted?
Please contact Human Resources by email at if you have not heard anything within 14 days.